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Pre-Agility Fundamentals Class (Agility 0) Starting 01/16/20

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    Learn the fundamental skills necessary for agility and other dog sports, including focus, motivation, shaping new behaviors, and body awareness. Use these skills to introduce your dogs to jumps and tunnels. Instructor - Joy Mercier Prerequisites:  Completion of manners or basic obedience class Length of Class: 6 weeks Cost: $120 per dog and handler [...]

Agility 1A & 1B Intro to Agility & Intro to Weave Poles starting January 2020

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Introduction to Agility (Agility 1A) Thursdays beginning January 16, 2020, 7:45pm to 8:45pm for 6 weeks You and your dog will play fun games while introducing your dog to jumps, tunnels, and tire - both individually and in short sequences. Hone your luring and shaping (clicker training) skills while introducing your dog to these obstacles [...]

Dog Show Handling Classes Available

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Whether your just getting started in the world of dog showing, or you're a seasoned vet. We have a class for you!  Beginner Handling Class  Start your new show puppy with our beginner conformation handling classes! In this six week class you will learn: Dog show rules and ring procedures How [...]

Introduction to Nosework Starting 2/16/2020

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Nosework is a rapidly growing sport for dog sports enthusiasts with multiple organizations offering the chance to compete for titles locally. Our classes are small and each team gets individual instruction. Whether your goal is to compete, to provide a job for your energetic dog, or a low impact activity for a retired dog; come and check out [...]

New Nosework Classes starting!

Nosework introductory, advanced and practice sessions starting!  Any dog handler team with basic obedience skills can have fun in this exciting sport!  Learn more about it on the AKC website and check out our nosework classes to see which is best for you!

Teacup Agility!

The Intro to Agility Obstacles class will introduce you and your dog to the obstacles involved in dog agility. In this six weeks class your dog will learn to jump over hurdles, run through tunnels, weave through poles, jump through tires, etc.  We will also reinforce obedience skills such as recall, wait, sit, down… Learn more about our Teacup Class!