What is a dog daycare?

Dog daycare is an opportunity for dogs to get the exercise and social time that they need while their owners are busy with school, work or other activities. Placing dogs in daycare often helps with an owner’s peace of mind knowing that the dog is not being left alone, but has regular interaction with dogs and people throughout the day.

What will my dog do while it is there?

One of our main philosophies is that dogs will have fun while they are here and be tired when they go home. During daycare, dogs are taken outside to potty multiple times per day and are put into playgroups multiple times per day. In between playgroups and potty times, each dog rests peacefully in its own kennel.

How old does my dog have to be to enter daycare?

All dogs that use our daycare facility must be at least 3 months of age. At this age, dogs are old enough to have had at least two (2) DHLPP shots and a rabies shot. However, all customers should check with their veterinarians, as some vets prefer that puppies in their care be older before starting daycare.

What shots is my dog required to have?

All dogs enter daycare must have records showing that the dog has a current DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordatella vaccination. We recommend that dogs have these shots for about a week before starting daycare.

How do you evaluate dogs?

Do I need an evaluation before I make an appointment? Each dog is evaluated during its first day here. Dog’s questionnaires are reviewed and each dog is observed to see how it interacts with our staff and with various dogs that attend our daycare. Each dog’s playstyle is noted for assimilation into playgroups. Please note that we are unable to accept human aggressive dogs into daycare.

What will my dog do on the first day?

A dog’s first day here will consist of getting to know the facility, staff and other dogs here at the center. Dogs will be given time to explore the main training/playing floor and the outside grounds. Dogs will also be introduced to the different staff members at Austin Canine Central. Once the dog is comfortable at the center, it will gradually be introduced to other dogs in daycare one at a time to identify potential playmates. All new dog introductions are done on leash. This is done until multiple compatible dogs are identified. In some cases, this may occur over multiple daycare days.

How do you identify playgroups?

Dogs are gradually introduced to other dogs in daycare one at a time to identify potential playmates. All new dog introductions are done on leash. The staff looks for dog body language that indicates that the dogs are compatible (both in size and temperament) and want to play. Once potential playmates have been identified, the dog will be allowed to join its new playgroup.

How big are the playgroups?

Playgroups at our day center are usually no larger than 8-10 dogs. Depending on the mix of dogs we have in a day, some playgroups may be smaller and others larger. All of our playgroups, whether larger or smaller, are supervised by daycare staff.

How long are the playgroups?

The length of each playtime varies depending on the dogs in the playgroup.  Playgroups are usually considered “over” when the dogs’ tongues are hanging out or they no longer continue to play.  Our dog owners appreciate the balance of play and rest time as they report the dogs go home tired and drag them in the door in the morning.

Where do the dogs play?

The dogs play on our main training floor which is indoors and air-conditioned. This area is 4,000 square feet and has 3/8” rubber matting. A variety of toys are available on the floor for dogs that enjoy squeaky toys or like to play ball.

What else can my dog do while it is there?

In addition to the regular daycare day, all dogs can take advantage of our grooming services whether it is a basic bath, nail trim or full groom session. We also offer obedience lessons and refreshers. And there is always a wide selection of treats you can give your dog during its visit.

Will you take dogs/puppies that are not house-trained?

We do take dogs/puppies that are not yet housebroken but are in the process of crate training. Staff will take extra care to potty these dogs/ puppies more often and praise them when they do their business outside.

Do you offer daycare on the weekends?

Daycare is offered Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. Currently, we do not offer day care on Saturday or Sunday.

Do I need to make an appointment?

A reservation is not required; however, making one assures your dog will have a spot on a given day. Coming in without a reservation does not guarantee we will have room for your dog. Reservations will be released by 9:00 am unless prior arrangements or notification has been made.

What do you do to maintain a safe and clean environment?

All daycare crates/kennels and water buckets are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. We also regularly mop the facility with a disinfectant solution.